Dekker’s Jewelry store was founded in Goes, Netherlands in 1882 by Cornelius Dekker. The business was passed down from father to son until Randall Dekker, son of Henry Dekker, grandson of Dirk Henry Dekker and GREAT grandson of Dekker’s founder, Cornelius Dekker, passed the business onto Gerrit VanKampen. Randell was a lawyer and later became the President of FMB so when he bought the business from his dad in 1950 he was already very busy. Gerrit VanKampen came into the business in 1946 as a watchmaker for Henry Dekker. So when Randall bought it in 1950 he decided to let Gerrit run the business. Gerrit bought the business from Randell in 1973 and since then it has been in the VanKampen family.

Gerrit was a WWII veteran that had lost his leg in the war and after returning decided to attend watchmaking school. Watchmaking was a noble profession back then and he took great pride in his work. He quickly grew a reputation for selling quality products and for being a high quality watch repairman.

Gary VanKampen bought the business from his dad in 1988 and is still running the store today. Like his father he takes great pride in his work and continues to uphold the exemplary reputation that has allowed Dekker’s to be around for over 130 years! We are a family run business that prides itself on offering quality products, craftsmanship, and great customer service at a competitive price.

Stop by and experience the benefit of buying from a respected local business that values each and every customer.